Marketing Efficiency with DILAX

Those of us who go shopping in our free time have consciously chosen to do this instead of another leisure activity, such as sports, visiting friends or going to the cinema. Shopping has long been in direct competition with the leisure industry. We want to experience something, want to touch something, want to be surprised, want to amaze the child in us. And we want to be entertained. Experience per square foot is the magic formula. So how do we market it? Good marketing starts with knowing your customers.

POS campaign, discount offers, in-store events, pop-up stores…

Enlightened customers have high expectations and they want to be informed. TV or radio ads, posters, print advertisements or flyers, guerrilla promotions, newsletters... the advertising world offers a thousand and one possibilities for promoting special offers to target groups.
And analogue media are giving way to digital. A few years ago, huge advertising billboards or print advertisements made tempting brand promises, but today branding takes place largely on the internet. This holds enormous potential if you know how to use it. With DILAX you can measure, analyze and evaluate every campaign, every advertising measure and every dollar you have invested. Technologies such as beacons, digital customer cards with integrated SDKs, digital couponing, sensors for age and gender recognition and public Wi-Fi infrastructure are sources for local data that can be aggregated across channels and converted into concrete analyses and recommendations for action – and in full compliance with data protection regulations.

Who are my customers?

A good mix across all channels

Marketing budgets are not inexhaustible. Therefore, as a CMO, I would like to know exactly where I can work most effectively and where dispersion loss is too high. Expenses have to be proportionate; budgets have to be planned with specific targets in mind and expenses have to be allocated as precisely as possible. In the end there is always the justified question: Was the effort and investment worth it?

There is only one channel: My customers. They are the focus of my actions. In order to address them effectively, I need to know who they are, what interests them and the best way to reach them.

DILAX captures, analyzes and combines local data into a meaningful whole:

  • Who is he or she?
  • Where does he or she come from?
  • Who long does he or she stay in the store?
  • Has he or she already been here or is this their first visit?
  • How old is he or she?
  • What city does he or she live in?
  • How are where does he or she move about in the store and in the store’s immediate surroundings?
  • Has he or she already visited my website and has now bought something offline that he or she found interesting online?
  • Which other brands and products is he or she also interested in?

Local Data

mirrors the in-store reality

Local data collected anonymously in store describes the store reality in detail: the number of visitors, routes, hot spots and cold spots. Who moves when, how, where, and how many people are there? The information enables me to take measures in the areas of products, personnel, staging and energy supply, and to optimize visitor frequency as well as the conversion rate, capture rate and return rate.

DILAX goes beyond pure numbers to provide a detailed analysis of my customers’ ages, genders, incomes, cities of residence, interests and many other valuable characteristics that enable me to provide them, the potential purchasers, with relevant content where they actually are.

What are the benefits for me?

ReActing fast and effectively

Thanks to accurate information, I can respond in an effective way: I can fit out my store efficiently, then evaluate, correct and optimize. I can calculate my ROI and see if my campaign has had an impact on customer frequency. These are the basics.

DILAX can do even more than numbers

DILAX provides the basis for an efficient one-channel strategy.

We map the various channels which you centrally address your customers on and can define benchmarks.

No store, offline or online, is like any other, no brand like the next – the requirements and demands are individual. We are happy to develop ideas together with you that are tailored to your needs and wishes, because this is the only way to achieve optimal results. And that’s what we want. After all, what would a city center be without a healthy retail landscape? Grey and boring, and it would soon die. We want inner cities that are colorful, diverse and full of life. Better cities are only possible thanks to better businesses – and that is what we are committed to.

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