Urban mobility is changing. Public transport has to offer more and improved mobility services. An increasing amount of data is being collected and evaluated for mobility management. Citisense is the analytics tool for various questions we’re asking today so we can experience better mobility tomorrow.

Local Data

provide previews of tomorrow

Data is critical for managing and planning mobility

Between efficiency and innovation, competitive pressure and investments, congestion and future models ­­– many decisions have to be made in public transport in urban areas. That’s why we collect important data and, in conjunction with other data sources, our software DILAX Citisense transforms it into insights and knowledge. If you know how when and where passenger flows move through your city, you can identify demand in those patterns and make the right operational and strategic decisions.

DILAX Citisense has a modular design and can be introduced in full or in stages as required. The software can be quickly and flexibly integrated into existing infrastructure and delivers valuable results within a short period of time.

Citisense Modules

for traffic planners and passengers who love public transport

  • Analysis & reporting: for optimal resource use, sustainable traffic planning and continuous efficiency increase
  • Demand prognosis: recognizes bottleneck situations and overcapacities in fleet planning early on
  • Recognizing patterns in passenger flow: up to date and dynamic origin-destination matrices for traffic planning
  • Dynamic predictions: Quick reactions to peaks in passenger numbers
  • Real-time information: Transparent communication about departure times, delays and occupancy supports customer loyalty
  • Smart monitoring: The predictive maintenance approach optimizes routes, times and costs for fleet repair and maintenance

Citisense thinks for itself, looks ahead and into the future

Data changes urban mobility. Provided with various local data sources, Citisense can provide answers to old and new questions. The principle remains the same:

  • Collect data
  • Process information
  • Generate new knowledge
  • Make better decisions

Citisense has a modular design. Analyses are explained transparently so you can understand how the results come about at all times. We use artificial intelligence to generate increasingly more reliable predictions based on knowledge of the past. Standard interfaces connect Citisense with any reporting and presentation tool.

Most important features:

  • Web dashboard (Power BI, Kibana)
  • Reports, incl. Live views, statistics, forecasts, alert function
  • Data export and import (schedule, APC data, reservation data, Wi-Fi data, mobile ticketing data, weather data, socio-demographic data etc.)
  • Simulations and predictions (machine learning)
  • Interfaces to third-party systems

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