Urban mobility is changing rapidly. Public transport operators must be able to both plan and adapt to changes. Mobility data and more specifically passenger numbers capture changes in passenger behavior and facilitate demand-driven service. It is therefore all the more important that the data is readily available, up-to-date and reliable.

DILAX Mercury is our innovative real-time device management software tool for the entire APC system, delivering better data today and in the future.

Better Data

Today and for the Future

Built into buses and trains, automatic passenger counting (APC) systems gather large amounts of valuable data: how many people took which line and when? Were they carrying a bicycle? And how is the bus load at this precise moment? We have developed DILAX Mercury to ensure that every APC device is precisely counting at all times, that the collected data always gets to where it is further processed on time, and that sensors recognizing passengers today learn to count wheelchairs, bicycles, and strollers tomorrow as well.

DILAX Mercury Modules

  • Fleet Diagnostics: Detect in real-time whether data is being sent and whether there are any malfunctions on the vehicles or APC devices.
  • Fleet Maintenance: View all vehicles in the fleet, as well as the status, configuration and firmware of all APC devices installed – all at one glance.
  • Remote Device Configuration: Conveniently upload new configurations for the entire hardware or individual devices by remote management.

Remote Access

Anytime and anywhere

The software monitors the data quality collected from the entire fleet. Every single sensor, regardless of vehicle class, can be easily accessed from the office or from home. This way, outages are not only detected in time, but also fixed in a cost-saving manner and reconfigured if necessary. Innovative firmware updates, which facilitate the recognition of new object classes among other things, are easily installed remotely on the hardware - this not only saves time, but also frees up personnel resources for other important tasks.

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