The number of passengers is the most important number for mobility providers. DILAX sensors count reliably with an accuracy of up to 99% all people boarding and alighting as well as strollers, bicycles and luggage – well, pretty much everything passengers bring along with them.

Automatic Passenger Counting

Accurate, reliable and decisive

So you know exactly what you are doing
Local data from the APC system become a source of knowledge for a wide variety of urban transport issues. Not only can you evaluate the services provided but you can also react quickly to current traffic situations and strategically develop your future services.

That’s why this kind of data is a standard for developing transport concepts for the cities of tomorrow, not just for transport companies, but also for operators, authorities and municipalities.

Why is the DILAX APC system so important for transport providers?

  • Increases profitability
  • Documents performance
  • Optimizes the use of all resources
  • Improves timetables and network plans
  • Valuable raw material for big data applications and forecasts

DILAX APC Components

Our Automatic Passenger Counting at a glance
The DILAX APC system consists of two basic components: the counting sensor for collecting the data and the master unit which stores the counting data, processes it and transmits it land side. They are certified for buses and trains and comply with all data protection standards.

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