We are many and our numbers are increasing. Because there is much to do for us. Together with our customers worldwide, we’re creating mobility that takes everyone further, even our environment. For vibrant and attractive city centers, for jobs that offer room for ideas and collaboration, for neighborhoods where people like to meet in front of their doorsteps. With local data we generate knowledge that helps making cities better.

  • Christine

    Sales & Marketing

  • Romina

    Sales & Marketing

  • Anamaria

    Order Processing

    My task is to constantly stay in touch with our existing customers from the retail sector: From the first offer to the punctual delivery of our products, I manage their diverse and individual inquiries and orders. The experience I previously gained in order processing helps me master any daily challenges I encounter. I particularly enjoy working with our production department and with my direct colleagues. I very much appreciate the flexibility and freedom I enjoy at DILAX. This is not a matter of course.  

  • Tom

    Products, Solutions & Services

    My job is to ensure that our products and system solutions meet customer requirements and match with trends. I am committed to ensuring that our processes are stable and can be further improved over time. We support our Sales team with our product knowledge. We see ourselves as a technical hub and maintain a very open, honest, and friendly team culture. As a team leader, I bring along patience and structure. In addition, I am always open to suggestions so that we can all work together productively and keep up with the good energy.

  • Abdullah

    Software Development

  • Robert


    As Managing Director and CFO, the satisfaction of our customers, employees and partner companies is my top priority. In my day-to-day business I deal with a variety of analyses, figures, facts and regulations. That sounds a bit dry at first, but there are many exciting processes behind it that my team and I work on and develop. What is most exciting to me about DILAX is our great team and our technology - because it has the potential to better understand and plan for mobility and urban space, and thereby make it more livable.

  • Matthias

    Product Management

    Our product portfolio is my world. I monitor technology trends, market developments, and the needs of our customers. I see how mobility is changing. Providing innovative solutions for public transport is one of the futures of our society. That inspires me because many paths have not yet been defined and I learn a lot. I like to come to the office to discuss new ideas. I like the direct exchange and, of course, our joint lunch breaks in the many good bistros along the river Spree.

  • Virginia

    Office Management

    I make sure that the entire team has everything they need for their everyday work life here in our office. I take care of the office organization, plan our team events, and I’m always there to listen to the needs of my colleagues. As a first-aider and fire safety helper, the safety of our employees is also very important to me. At DILAX, I like our open corporate culture and creative freedom. Our team is very diverse and I find working with people from different cultural backgrounds very enriching.

  • Julia

    Sales & Marketing

  • Sebastian

    Mechanical Design

    My team and I design the housings for the DILAX sensors and ensure that they can be integrated into the vehicles as discreetly as possible. Form follows Function – that is important to me: in the design studies, through our concepts to the final product. To this end, we maintain around 3000 technical drawings. I like the variety of my job: in addition to design and installation, we also consider efficient production. In short: I build great products with great colleagues.

  • Tony

    Research & Technology Development

    My job is all about counting accuracy. Currently, we focus on object detection. We are programming the target firmware for the DILAX Structured Light Sensor. When it comes to hardware programming, you don't immediately think of creative solutions, but that's exactly what we need. The best ideas simply result from teamwork. I like developing good products for public transport because we are contributing to green mobility: an important aspect for me as a father and sports enthusiast.

  • Thomas

    Software Development & Data Protection

  • Sama

    Product Management

    As a product manager, I work as the link between market and product development. One of my tasks is to understand customer requirements and translate them into technical solutions. I'm seeing our software solutions through from the idea to the release, gathering the requirements for product development, collecting the use cases, and developing the roadmap. In my team, we use agile methods, which create transparency and trust and strengthen our collaboration.

  • Nils

    Bid Management

    I support the sales team in offering our customers the technology that best fits their projects and challenges. I enjoy working with the latest technical solutions and passing on my knowledge. At DILAX, I like the short decision-making processes, the pleasant working atmosphere, and the opportunity to also work from home.

  • Anja

    Human Resources

  • Stephan


  • Stefan

    Mechanical Design

  • Dave


    My job is to produce our hardware. This includes picking, assembly, but also calibration, programming, data maintenance and, last but not least, packaging. At DILAX, we follow a one-piece flow approach, which means that anyone in our team can perform all production activities. I really like this variety in my job. We are always busy, and our team spirit motivates us and helps us achieve good results at work. I think it's a good thing that our technologies are helping to make public transport better and more comfortable.

  • Susann

    Human Resources

  • Dirk

    Research & Technology Development

    I am an expert in camera systems and lasers. I develop the optical components for our sensors. Previously, I worked in science, but here at DILAX I can develop something that will actually be applied. The DILAX SLS-1000 uses structured light for automatic passenger counting - that's an innovation for the public transport industry. The transformation of mobility is very important to me, and I think it's great that we support it with our products.

  • Konstantin

    Quality Assurance

  • Andreas

    Embedded Software Engineering

  • Axel

    Software Development

    I am an experienced programmer, a passionate cyclist, and I believe in public transport. My projects are just as diverse and dynamic: I develop exciting software solutions for our public transport customers and have been working on our retail product since day one. As a team, we work together in an agile and hybrid way. This motivates me, I get a good work-life balance and just works out really well for me as a dad.

  • Andrej

    Customer Service

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