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Transport Services & Quality

people are standing in the bus, Menschen stehen im Bus

More Passenger Comfort = More Passengers

The attractiveness of transport services and the desired increase in passenger numbers depend to a large extent on the service quality of public transport.

Being on time is an important factor that has been measured for a long time. But there are other important quality criteria: vehicle occupancy and seat availability are important performance indicators for the evaluation of services.

Capacity Analyses Pave the Way for Optimization

Detailed analyses of actual passenger numbers create a high degree of planning reliability. Furthermore, DILAX passenger counting systems also capture the average occupancy rate of vehicles in individual trip sections.

If statistical evaluations show increasing vehicle occupancy over longer periods of time or an occupancy rate which is already too high, optimization measures can be taken in these critical areas.

business people and statistic chart, Geschäftsleute erarbeiten eine Statistik
two women waiting for bus, zwei Frauen warten auf bus

DILAX Passenger Counting Systems Provide KPIs for:

  • Creating optimization measures to make services more attractive
  • Analyzing vehicle occupancy: In which trip sections are vehicles always too crowded, affecting passenger comfort?
  • Trip analysis: Where and when are there schedule deviations and do they depend on the number of passengers? Do full vehicles and long boarding and alighting times cause regular delays?
Flyer - Seat Management

Dynamic Reservation Display

Dynamic displays of reserved seats can reduce passenger exchange times while also improving travel comfort.

Flyer - Seat Management

Seat Occupancy Detection System

DILAX enables transport operators to detect and display the current seat occupancy status.


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