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Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

Reducing CO2 Emissions and Energy Consumption

Sustainability is an important issue for modern transport companies. They are facing the challenge of reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption while being expected to expand the services of their public transport system at the same time.

But how can these two seemingly conflicting goals be best met? Is a transport company that records an increase in CO2 emissions inevitably less sustainable? In order to neutrally assess efforts for sustainability, more performance indicators have to be analyzed.

white bus on road, weisser Bus
people get on a bus, Menschen steigen in einen Bus

KPIs Provide Clear Insights on Sustainability

The most important performance indicator for assessing the sustainability of transport services is the sum of passenger kilometers. The automatic passenger counting systems by DILAX reliably capture passenger numbers, subsequently CO2 emissions/energy consumption and passenger kilometers are calculated in relation to each other in the ECO module of the DILAX data management software.

The ECO performance indicator "CO2/energy per passenger kilometer" shows how much CO2 was emitted/energy was consumed per passenger kilometer.

Sustainability & Energy Efficiency in the Overall Context

  • Sustainability assessments have become more important
  • A verifiable increase in provided passenger kilometers may justify higher CO2 emissions
  • Improving the fleet's CO2 balance (detecting fuel-intensive routes or vehicle types)
  • The continuous development of the performance indicator "CO2/energy per passenger kilometer" shows real sustainability data
bus on tour at mountain landscape, Bus auf Tour in Berglandschaft
Flyer - Data Management & Predictive Analytics

DILAX Citisense

The DILAX Citisense data management & predictive analytics system is our response to public transport’s challenges, providing decision-makers with a new information base including simulations and prognoses.


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