Fleet Management with DILAX

Punctuality, comfort, and passenger load are important key figures for public transport. The DILAX solutions monitor passenger numbers, punctuality, and load factors in real-time and provide valuable information for transport planning and scheduling.

Local Data

Bringing quality to the network

Metrics such as passenger miles traveled are crucial for fleet management and performance monitoring, among other things. Our analytics software DILAX Citisense combines the counting events from the vehicles with timetable, time, and location information as well as stops and other data sources, such as ticket data, FIS data, mobile phone data, local events, calendar, and weather data. Citisense can also describe passenger behavior and movement patterns, e.g. when changing trains. The software uses algorithms and projections to do this. An individually configured dashboard provides you with dynamic reports for analyzing and evaluating the performance of your fleet.


Intelligent fleet management adds value to the equation

  • Savings through process optimization: Documentation of all delays, breakdowns, fleet congestion, and other operational disruptions.
  • Optimized schedule control: Increased availability of the fleet
    and fewer disruptions in operations, both in the long term as well as in the short term.
  • Customer Retention: Improved punctuality.
  • Cost reduction: Better CO2 balance of the fleet (identify fuel-intensive routes or vehicle types).
  • Proactive maintenance planning: Remote access to the vehicle and
    DILAX APC data for predictive maintenance and repair planning to
    reduce repairs and workshop times.

How satisfied were my passengers today?

The reports are an important tool for the work of planners and strategists in transport companies and associations. DILAX Citisense correlates relevant factors and visualizes the results daily and over time.

This data can be used to evaluate performance factors such as punctuality, load factor, and occupancy rate on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. In addition, this data helps in the conception of future offers. It allows forecasts and simulations of changed routes and stops and provides certainty in the strategic planning of resources such as vehicles and personnel. Real-time data and analyses are also used in intelligent incident management.
DILAX Fleet Management is a key urban technology for more customer satisfaction and revenue.

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