April 27, 2023, 02:00 p.m. CET

APC on board

Data from the automatic passenger counting (APC) are sources of knowledge for various areas of public transport. Not only for the evaluation of the service provided and for revenue sharing, but also for a quick response to current traffic situations.
This makes local data a standard in the development of traffic concepts for tomorrow's mobility. However, the purchase and implementation of an APC system requires a certain amount of practice.

Counting with a system

With the right method, APC is not that complicated, says Sascha Herion. He is deputy head of the service and mobility department at VAG, Freiburger Verkehrs AG, and would like to ease the concerns of transport companies in the region. In cooperation with a regional transport company in a rural area, VAG tested various APC systems under his direction. At the end of the project there will be a report that shows what transport companies have to pay attention to and what skills are required.

APC in Baden-Württemberg

In any case, the Freiburg region is prepared for the introduction of automatic counting systems. In Baden-Württemberg, it is already the case today that revenue sharing among PTAs should be based on demand-oriented models. In order to ascertain passenger demand as precisely as possible, automatic passenger counting is currently the most accurate method. For rail transport, the state has already made the equipment with APC systems mandatory and all new vehicles in the local rail transport must therefore be equipped with an APC.

We discuss these questions in the DILAX Lab

  • What is the technological status of passenger counting in the Freiburg region today and how should it develop?
  • What should be considered when procuring and installing an APC system?
  • What special features are there in relation to the operation of the hardware and the evaluation of the data?
  • Which recommendations for action can be derived for transport companies that are dealing with the introduction of an APC system for the first time?

Watch it here

Watch the recording of the DILAX Lab here!

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