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Optimizing the shopping experience, using resources more efficiently and improving reporting – these are key challenges retail companies, shopping centers, and public facility operators face.

DILAX offers integrated system solutions for capturing and analyzing visitor flows, creating a significant added value for the company as well as for visitors. DILAX efficiently captures and analyzes visitor counting data. This creates planning reliability, important for long-term business success. 

The DILAX system solution is always tailored to individual customer requirements. We support management in retail, shopping centers, airports and public facilities in optimizing business processes and the visitor experience – quickly and continuously.

shopping mall, Einkaufszentrum

Shopping Centers

Was the latest in-store promotion a success or could the crowds possibly be a result of the bad weather? Did the marketing campaign really lead to a significant increase in visitor numbers?

Questions like these must be constantly answered by center management. It is not enough to just compare visitor numbers on a monthly basis or with revenues, because this does not show visitor flows, hot spots or critical points within the building. DILAX automatic people counting systems provide a comprehensive analysis of all key performance indicators. With this data, center management can plan marketing measures better in order to systematically increase visitor frequency. 

shopping mall, Einkaufszentrum

Capture the following KPIs with DILAX:

  • Visitor numbers updated daily and throughout the day
  • Separate visitor numbers on different floors and in the food court
  • Personal characteristics
  • Dwell time and movement speed


Did advertising the new collection really lead to a significant increase in visitor numbers? Is the location selected for expansion really the right choice and does it provide enough potential buyers?

Retail sales controlling must constantly find answers to these questions. Every day the question arises: what can we change in order to optimize operational results? One of the most important performance indicators in this field is the conversion rate. It is not sufficient to determine visitor numbers only at certain points in time for this, in fact, this performance indicator must always be available right down to an hourly basis. Such a comprehensive analysis is no problem at all with the DILAX automatic people counting systems. On the basis of this data, store management can successfully plan at the POS.

happy family with shopping bags, fröhliche Familie mit Einkaufstaschen

Capture the following KPIs with DILAX:

  • Capture and conversion rate 
  • Dwell time and movement speed
  • Visitor numbers updated daily and throughout the day
  • Personal characteristics
  • Ratio of regular to new customers
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Outlet Centers

Which marketing campaign verifiably attracted more visitors to the outlet center? How much revenue does each product generate in the retail units? How big is the catchment area and how loyal are the customers?

The demands on modern outlet center management are diverse. Unlike the conventional real estate business, outlet center management focuses on clear retail goals: high visitor numbers, acquisition of new customers, a perfect shopping experience and increased revenue.

A custom-fit tenant mix is the basis for successful outlet center operations. That’s why a close collaboration between retailers and center management creates valuable synergies. A DILAX system is the perfect supplement – for day-to-day operations and as a basis for strategic decisions.

DILAX provides essential key performance indicators:

  • Visitor numbers updated daily
  • Comparisons with the previous day / week / month / year
  • Revenue and conversion rate on store level / per retail category
  • Catchment area and customer loyalty based on license plates
  • Trends and forecasts for fact-based decisions


Public Facilities

The quantification and behavior of passers-by and passengers are of great importance in highly frequented public places such as museums, event venues, train stations and on public transport during major events.

With DILAX, day-to-day operations are taken to the next level by capturing visitor and passenger numbers directly on the platform, at critical points within the building and at the main entrances. A comprehensive analysis of data collected with DILAX people counting systems is possible at the push of a button.

DILAX system solutions also monitor the success of implemented structural measures and capture and analyze the targeted pedestrian flows.

shopping mall, Einkaufszentrum

The captured data is an important basis for:

  • Timetables
  • Capacity calculations
  • Evacuation plans
  • Logistics at mass events
  • Staff planning
  • Revenue sharing on the basis of customer frequency
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airport, man with mobile phone, Mann mit Handy am Flughafen


DILAX offers airports innovative solutions for analyzing people flows and managing waiting lines. Airport management receives real-time and statistical data on passenger behavior throughout the terminal area – from checking in and visiting stores to boarding. With data on people flows, hot spots, utilization, dwell time and waiting times, operational processes can be optimized and planned professionally in almost all areas of the airport:

  • Security checks
  • Shopping areas
  • Skytrains
  • Departure gates
  • Restroom facilities
travelers at airport, Reisende am Flughafen

DILAX provides airports with KPIs for:

  • Terminal operations
  • Gate planning
  • Queue management (at check in and security check)
  • Rentals management for shopping areas
  • Preparation of timetables for skytrains, trains, busses
  • Fire drills
  • Service and facility management

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