Real-time entry control with DILAX Live Occupancy Monitoring

This year is changing all of us. For many retailers it has become an existential threat, as customers are staying away and sales are down as a result. A lot of people are staying home to protect themselves from becoming infected with Covid-19. And yet, shopping is important. But there shouldn’t be too many people around – nobody wants to get too close to others on an escalator or while moving through a department store. DILAX Live Occupancy Monitoring supports the safe control of entry and indicates if it is suitable for customers to come into the store without it getting too crowded.

We enjoy going shopping and often it is also a necessity to do so. Especially now. Wine, meat, diapers and detergent, new shoes and clothes, gifts or even a new favorite armchair for the home office.

Shopping is possible and not dangerous when following the hygiene rules: Keep your distance, wash your hands and cover your nose and mouth. Retailers can support social distancing in stores: by monitoring the number of customers in their stores in real-time. It is an important protective measure everywhere: at supermarkets, outdoor stores, bookstores, department stores and in shopping centers.

Trustworthy for a good reason

Transparent information

A packed store is not a good idea these days. Protective measures don’t allow it and it wouldn’t be responsible for the health of employees and customers. Controlling entry in real-time, i.e. measuring occupancy in real-time, is gaining a whole new level of importance during pandemic conditions.

An established system: reliable and highly accurate numbers

DILAX Live Occupancy Monitoring was not introduced after COVID-19 hit us. We have been planning and implementing counting sensors for measuring customer frequency for many years. However, the real-time function is now in greater demand than ever before. This module has been used in museums and institutions to protect exhibits for a long time. Now many retail chains are also relying on it. We are proud that the DILAX solution is being used by retail chains in Portugal, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

Data processing is GDPR-compliant and provides valuable information for further analyses and findings. Exact counting data is the basis for use cases such as marketing efficiency, area productivity and store performance.

Important information

For retailers and customers

Live occupancy monitoring is available in several different versions. There is the simple counting version for checking numbers in the back office. Optionally, you can receive an alert via SMS or e-mail when the previously defined threshold values for the number of visitors per area are reached. In addition, the real-time data can be shared with customers directly at the entrance via monitors indicating like a traffic light "Stop" and "Go". So you and your visitors can see exactly which areas are full and where there is more space for shopping.

Proven and quick to install

It works really well

As specialists for counting sensors, we have been equipping buses and trains as well as shopping centers, airports, train stations and retail stores and chains with automatic people counting systems since 1988. Our know-how is being used more and more in real estate management and the development of urban districts. Our international installation and service network is experienced and ensures the high-quality implementation of our systems.

Great relationships

Winning back customers

With the general uncertainty that prevails around the world in 2020, your customers are longing for carefree moments that make them feel good in the ‘new normal’. It could be trying on a cozy new sweater, browsing books, deciding on a very colorful pair of running shoes or so much more. That’s what we should focus on: the joy people want to experience when shopping.


Use real-time occupancy as a foundation of trust for your store or shopping center

  • Ensure social distancing: a responsible service to protect your customers and your team
  • Highly accurate counting: every customer is counted, sensor counting accuracy of 98%
  • Easy entry control: knowing and showing in real-time exactly how many people are in the store or center
  • Less staff needed: neither for counting nor for guarding entrances
  • Transparent customer information: customers know how full a store is, which makes waiting more relaxed because they can understand how the traffic lights change when people come and go
  • Information control: employees receive occupancy updates and alerts via email, text message or a phone call. Customers see the occupancy on a display at the entrance.
  • Comprehensive data analysis: visitor numbers are checked, collected and analyzed with the BI software DILAX Enumeris
  • Reliable reporting: archive data for extrapolations and prognoses, it can also be used as control data if needed
  • Professional service: DILAX customer service is guaranteed to be available if needed in case of a malfunction

Why is this crucial?

Building consumer confidence with responsibility and resilience

“Responsibility to employees and consumers has taken on a new significance. When it comes to restarting the economy, the near-ubiquitous lack of consumer confidence will pose an enormous challenge. Retailers need to build trust with consumers, such as implementing visible safety and hygiene measures for staff and customers in stores.”

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