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Professional retail and center management

The DILAX system as a company-wide platform provides all stakeholders with the relevant information needed to answer important questions about operative processes. With DILAX, planning and decision-making in the field of store and center management can be based on valid data.

staircase, shopping mal, Treppe im Einkaufszentrum
business people and statistic chart, Geschäftsleute erarbeiten eine Statistik

Corporate Management

Planning reliability & long-term profitability

As the head of the company, corporate management always has to have the bigger picture in mind. DILAX helps them gain reliable insights into all business areas. With accurate and up-to-date data from sales, marketing and day-to-day operations, strategic decisions for future business development can be based on valid data, thus ensuring the company's long-term profitability.

woman, statistic chart, Geschäftsfrau arbeitet an Statistik

DILAX offers planning reliability and supports you in the following fields:

  • Increasing and planning visitor numbers as well as revenue
  • Evaluating a location and the attractiveness of a property
  • Location planning via score cards, trends and projections
  • Optimizing sales and lease management
  • Improving customer service and dwell time
  • Optimizing staff planning
  • Monitoring marketing success

Leasing Management

Optimizing lease revenues & increasing center profitability

Leasing management must know the exact lease and visitor structure of a shopping center to be able to make well-founded decisions regarding leases, operations and marketing. DILAX offers in-depth analyses of visitor numbers as well as customer movements and purchasing behavior in the center.

When tenants change, existing data analyzing visitor flows can be used as a decision-making basis by new storekeepers showing which free rental spaces would be the best choice for a store. At the same time, an attractive industry and tenant mix in the shopping center can be guaranteed, optimizing rental revenues in the long-term. 

shopping mall, Einkaufszentrum

DILAX supports lease management in the following fields:

  • Evaluating the attractiveness of individual spaces
  • Defining optimal lease prices for all spaces in the center
  • Creating visitor number and revenue projections based on performance indicators
  • Targeted commercialization of advertising spaces
shopping mall, Einkaufszentrum
shopping mall, people in motion, Einkaufszentrum, Menschen mit Bewegungsunschärfe

Retail Management

Optimizing shopping experiences & increasing profitability

Retail management is the interface between headquarters and point of sale. Retail management's in-depth insights into the store’s daily routine have proven to be an important information and decision-making basis.

With DILAX, retail management can quickly and accurately identify high and low frequency periods and store areas. Conclusions for the POS can be drawn and all processes can be perfectly tailored to customer flows.

Seller and customer, Verkäuferin und Kundin

DILAX supports retail management in the following fields:

  • Optimizing staff planning and reducing staff costs
  • Improving customer service
  • Targeted implementation of marketing measures
  • Analyzing hot spots in the stores for ideal product placement
  • Evaluating staff performances and identifying training needs
  • Introducing commission schemes based on performance indicators

Expansion Management

Fact-based location selection

A successful retail company is expanding and new locations must be found. The selection of a suitable location is a top priority for expansion management. DILAX offers various solutions for analyzing relevant performance indicators such as visitor frequency, passer-by frequency, customers’ movement and purchase behavior as well as the target location’s revenue potential.

escalator in shopping mall, Rolltreppe im Einkaufszentrum

DILAX supports expansion management in the following fields:

  • Fact-based location selection
  • Negotiation of fair lease rates
  • Creating visitor number and revenue projections based on performance indicators
  • Creating a score card
  • Trends and analyses for future locations
shopping mall, Einkaufszentrum
marketing, sale, shopping mall, Marketing, Schaufenster, Einkaufszentrum


Optimizing and assessing marketing measures

Which marketing measures were effective? How much surplus revenue was generated with events, advertisements and other promotions? Besides the marketing effects, which other factors such as weather data must be considered in the assessment? These are questions that marketing divisions constantly face when deciding how to best use a given budget.

DILAX shows at a glance which measures most effectively increase visitor numbers and how to make the best use of the budget.

statistic-chart, Statistik/Diagramm

DILAX supports marketing in the following fields:

  • Introducing marketing controlling (calculating ROI)
  • Developing effective marketing measures
  • Increasing visitor numbers 
  • Differentiating between new and regular customers
  • Selecting and compiling the right product range

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