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Appointment & Queue Management

Satisfied customers and better returns

There are lots of customers in the store, all customer consultants are present, but still, daily revenues could be significantly higher? Such losses in sales are often caused by waiting periods that are too long.

With DILAX, you save your customers long waits and increase the sales potential per customer at the same time.

Seller and customer, Verkäufer und Kundin
Seller and customer, Verkäuferin und Kundin im Gespräch

Effective queue management

DILAX enables retailers to arrange prospective customers in a virtual queue and assign a personal appointment via text message. Long or futile waiting for an available customer consultant is a thing of the past.

Shopping instead of waiting

During the waiting period, customers can browse in the store freely and make use of the time for other activities, such as further shopping. If an appointment is rescheduled, the customer automatically receives a text message.

At a glance

  • Monitoring the consultants' workload and assigning customers to available consultants
  • Optimizing staff planning and preventing work overload
  • Monitoring the success of targeted marketing campaigns
  • Controlling sales by collecting new performance indicators (capture and conversion rate
  • Preventing lost sales and losses of potential buyers 
pictogram-graphic, Piktogramm-Grafik

We are here for you

We support our customers from the consultation and quotation stage up to the operation of entire systems. Our team offers expert service in all areas from six international locations.

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