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Our expertise in intelligent visitor tracking systems is based on our long-standing international experience in the field of automatic people counting. We offer our customers a complete one-stop service – from developing hardware and software to managing our customers’ systems with their own cloud solutions.

DILAX' integral approach creates an exact and up-to-date picture of the store’s or center's daily business. Thus, DILAX shows companies possibilities to increase visitor numbers, capture and conversion rates and revenue. 

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DILAX system solutions operate on the basis of people counting via camera and 3D sensors. In addition to classic people counting systems, we offer the following additional solutions:

  • Detection and analysis of personal characteristics such as age and gender
  • License plate recognition
  • Wi-Fi tracking
  • POS data
  • Workforce management data
  • Weather data

Customer interaction is not required for successful data collection and performance indicators are captured independently of specific conditions. Furthermore, DILAX systems do not affect operational processes nor the customers’ shopping experience. We guarantee the full protection of the privacy rights of your visitors, customers and employees.


The DILAX system solution includes two components:

  • DILAX OptoCount counting technology
  • DILAX Enumeris data management software

DILAX OptoCount is available as OptoCount Cam image processing sensor technology and as OptoCount 3D, a 3D sensor technology. The DILAX Enumeris software provides customer-specific reports and customer profiles as well as trends and forecasts. The capture and conversion rate, the DILAX marketing index and the baseline are the cornerstones for the reporting of cross-store and individual benchmarks.

Interfaces with third-party systems such as POS, ERP systems or existing counting systems as well as the integration of additional information such as Wi-Fi, weather and license plate data, enable intelligent store management. Management has access to reports on different aggregation levels. The web-based interface as well as the comprehensive roles and rights system make the DILAX software easy to use.

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System integration

DILAX systems can be fully integrated into the existing IT infrastructure. The installation of our systems can take place during daily operations. Alternatively, M2M data transmission via cellular is an option.

At a glance

  • State-of-the-art technologies and modular systems for indoor and outdoor use
  • Interfaces with third-party systems
  • Integration into existing IT infrastructure or M2M data transmission
  • High precision and reliability
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We are here for you

We support our customers from the consultation and quotation stage up to the operation of entire systems. Our team offers expert service in all areas from six international locations.

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