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Fleet and Vehicle Management

bus terminal, Busbahnhof

Capturing and Analyzing Fleet Data in Real-Time

Vehicle deployment planning, services and repair shops require a lot of information in order to evaluate passenger volume as well as key operating data and status indications of the vehicles in a fleet and manage vehicle deployment planning.

DILAX enables transport companies to centrally capture and manage this wide range of data. Passenger counting data but also data on trips and vehicles (CAN-FMS data) are transmitted centrally and in real time from the DILAX People Counting Unit (PCU).

Real-Time Information for Passenger Counting, Fleet Management and Maintenance

DILAX displays the position and occupancy of all vehicles in real time on digital maps. The current location of the vehicle, possible delays as well as excess or low occupancy rates are determined directly.

By integrating CAN-FMS data, technical defects can be detected early during operations and error reports can be sent in real time. Thus, vehicles can be monitored before having to stop at the repair shop and resources and counter measures can be ideally planned and initiated. This means shorter maintenance intervals, increased vehicle availability and reduced operating expenses.

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bus terminal, Busbahnhof

New Possibilities for Public Transport Companies

  • Fleet overview over configurable periods
  • Increasing availability of the fleet and prevention of operational disturbances
  • Shortening maintenance intervals thanks to automatic transmission of vehicle data (CAN-FMS)
  • Improving the fleet's CO2 balance (detecting fuel-intensive routes or vehicle types)
  • Remote access to vehicle and DILAX APC data
  • Compressed listing of system messages
  • Error reports for each vehicle
  • Repair shop support for care and maintenance of the fleet
Flyer - Data Management & Predictive Analytics

DILAX Citisense

The DILAX Citisense data management & predictive analytics system is our response to public transport’s challenges, providing decision-makers with a new information base including simulations and prognoses.

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Passenger Counting and Trip Analysis

DILAX provides technically perfected options for recording, transmitting and evaluating APC data.


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