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Data Management & Predictive Analytics

DILAX Citisense: Turning Data into Knowledge

People are mobile, today more than ever before. They want to travel from A to B – flexibly, reliably, around the clock and without long transfer and waiting times. An increasing number of different services are available for this. And the extended mobility requires intelligent and efficient transport concepts. The DILAX Citisense data management & predictive analytics system is our response to public transport’s challenges, providing decision-makers with a new information base including simulations and prognoses.

Transport companies can manage, aggregate and assess additional and diverse data in addition to classic passenger counting numbers with  DILAX Citisense. The system is able to identify, analyze and interpret complex relationships between heterogeneous data types as a data center would. With its complex algorithms, it is even possible to create simulations for upcoming events and determine respective predictions (machine learning). This makes critical situations predictable so adequate measures can be taken proactively and in a timely manner (predictive analytics).

With DILAX Citisense, data is turned into knowledge. Knowledge that helps transport companies and transport planners face the complex and changing demands on their mobility services: today, tomorrow and in the future.


  • Turning Data into knowledge
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DILAX Citisense – Quality Characteristics

Role-Based Dashboards

With role-based dashboards, all relevant – especially critical – information from ongoing operations can be clearly displayed, quickly recognized and used. The key performance indicators and reports are presented specifically for the management / CEO, service planning, marketing, the control center, controlling and any other role in your organization – up-to-date and well arranged.


DILAX Citisense is modular and can be introduced gradually or immediately to its full extent. It can be a standalone solution, integrated in existing infrastructure (BI, data warehouse) or be a managed service / SaaS.


It is always possible to track how the results from data consolidation and links are achieved. Thus, data aggregations, analytical assessments and prognoses can be evaluated.


Standard interfaces enable the use of any reporting and presentation products as well as the transmission of analysis results to third party systems (easy data sharing via APIs).


All APC data formats as well as other structured and unstructured data sources can be combined and evaluated with DILAX Citisense.


DILAX Citisense can compare traffic situations expected in the short- or long-term to data patterns from the past and generate prognoses (self-learning prognosis model).

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as the Analytic Basis for Modern Transport Planning

  • Analysis & Reporting
    Data from automatic passenger counting systems (APC) as well as timetable, operating and route data are consolidated and analyzed. The result: reliable information for an optimal use of resources, sustainable transport planning and continuous improvements in efficiency.
  • Demand Prognosis
    With DILAX Citisense, bottlenecks and excess capacities can be determined at an early stage and taken into account in fleet, network and timetable planning if necessary. The result: important analyses as a basis for strategic, business-critical decisions.
  • Passenger Flow Analysis
    APC data and other sources such as smartphone tracking, tickets and travel information data are combined and evaluated. The result: up-to-date and dynamic origin-destination / OD matrix for traffic planning.
  • Dynamic Prognoses
    Short-term prognoses on occupancy and utilization of vehicles are possible based on the collected real-time data from the APC system. The result: fast reactions to peaks in passenger volumes.
  • Multimodal Hubs
    Public transport services can be linked to multimodal mobility concepts. The result: ideal coordination of the various mobile services within the transport area.
  • Smart Monitoring
    As part of a predictive maintenance process, DILAX Citisense can collect and analyze data from the vehicles and compare them with data patterns from the past. The result: route-, time-, and cost-optimized use of repair services.
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Flyer Data Management & Predictive Analytics

DILAX Citisense

The DILAX Citisense data management & predictive analytics system is our response to public transport’s challenges, providing decision-makers with a new information base including simulations and prognoses.


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