Omnichannel-City: How customers, city and stores grow together

Changed shopping behaviour

People's shopping behavior and with it the image of city centers have changed in the last 18 months. Analyzing what brings people back to the city for shopping today requires a deep understanding of the customer that goes beyond capture and conversion rates. People who go shopping in the city are not only customers in a store, passers-by on a street. They are also a guest in a café, on the road in public places, and perhaps a heavily packed passenger on public transport after their shopping trip. To get a comprehensive picture of how citizens and visitors move around downtown, what they want and need, we need to know them.

Using local data

With local data, the purchasing behavior of customers in the area can be measured, pedestrian frequency can be seen, and location decisions can be made on the basis of data. Networked data can do even more: it provides meaningful answers about where customers come from, where they go, what they like and what they take with them.

The experts

DILAX CEO Thorsten Kies will be talking about the vision of networked data in the Omnichannel City with Max Lenzen from PlaceSense and Brigitte Nolte from the Northern Trade Association on November 12, starting at 11 am. "Omnichannel City: How the City, Customers and Stores Grow Together with Data and Retail Profits".

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