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Capturing and Managing Passenger Flows

people get on a train, Menschen steigen in einen Zug am Bahnsteig

Finding a Seat Made Easy

Directing passenger flows in an ideal and quick manner is becoming a key priority of regional and intercity traffic. Passengers are annoyed by crowds at the train doors and lengthy searches for their reserved seat – and the resulting long boarding and alighting times are a real problem for transport companies.

The DILAX solutions for effective seat management guide passenger flows to the correct boarding position on the platform with the result of shorter stop times and significant energy savings.

Is this seat taken?

Seat Occupancy Detection in Real-Time

So far, guiding passengers to free seats has been a huge challenge. With DILAX, transport companies can capture the current occupancy status of seats and display it. The current occupancy status of seats in a railroad car can be displayed in the entry areas of the train or the train compartments, on the outside of the car, on the platform or in a smartphone app. 

statistics screen on tablet, Statistik-Screen auf Tablet

Dynamic Display of Seat Reservations

DILAX offers a variety of display technologies and screen sizes for displaying reservation information. It is shown on the display at the seat as usual. In addition, this information can also be shown on displays on the platform or in a smartphone app.

Graphic seat reservation, Grafik Sitzplatzreservierung
man sitting in the train and reading a book, Mann sitzt im Zug und liest ein Buch

DILAX Seat Management – the Benefits

If you combine information about the seat occupancy rate in a train with reservation data, i.e. with data from reservation and travel information systems, the occupancy of the trains can be managed in a more efficient way. For example, unclaimed seat reservations can be deleted and re-offered for sale.

  • Customer-specific range of display and sensor technologies 
  • Real-time information on reservation and occupancy status of seats
  • Interfaces to landside systems, e.g. reservation and travel information systems as well as display systems within the vehicles or on platforms, and to apps for displaying information on smartphones 
Flyer - Seat Management

Dynamic Reservation Display

Dynamic displays of reserved seats can reduce passenger exchange times while also improving travel comfort.

Flyer - Seat Management

Seat Occupancy Detection System

DILAX enables transport operators to detect and display the current seat occupancy status.


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