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Our Customers

Strengthening Public Transport: Optimized Transport Planning and Reporting

Optimizing transport services, reducing costs and improving reporting – these are the key challenges our customers are facing in public transport.

DILAX offers integrated system solutions for capturing and analyzing passenger flows, creating a significant added value for the company as well as for passengers. Reliable information on passenger numbers and capacity utilization of the transport network is key for local public transport in order to achieve the company's goals and to be well positioned for the future.

The DILAX system solution is always tailored to individual customer requirements. Thus, we support transport companies in offering better services - quickly and sustainably.

people in motion on platform, Menschen laufen über einen Bahnsteig
people go into a bus, Menschen steigen in einen Bus ein

Public Transport Companies

How can our services be ideally tailored to the needs of our passengers? How can we best achieve maximum profitability and ideal capacity utilization?

Questions like these must be constantly answered by transport planners at public transport companies. Profitability and customer satisfaction do not necessarily have to be irreconcilable opposites, but in order to align the two goals, transport planners need detailed information.

With the DILAX automatic passenger counting systems passenger counting data and additional information can be reliably captured and all important performance indicators can be analyzed comprehensively.

map with marker, Karte mit Marker

With these data, transport planners at public transport companies can plan transport services better and systematically optimize capacity utilization.

DILAX passenger counting systems support public transport companies in the following areas:

  • Capturing precise passenger counting data and additional information
  • Making data plausibility checks
  • Analyzing target and actual data via timetable import and matching
  • Using standardized reports as well as configuring customer-specific evaluations
  • Automation of recurring work processes

Transport Authorities

How high is the quality of my transport services? What transport services do the organizations in the transport area deliver? How well is the transport plan implemented?

As a contracting authority, cities and municipalities or public transport networks are responsible for the provision of public transport services and often contract out work to several companies. It is the task of transport authorities to set guidelines, to keep track of operations and to ensure that contractors report to the responsible authorities.

Passenger numbers and their development are not only of great importance in taking inventory but also for planning future calls for tenders. In this context, revenue sharing plays an important economic role and requires accurate data.

locomotive/train on platform, Lok/Zug auf Bahnsteig

DILAX supports transport authorities in the following fields:

  • Central management of passenger counting data
  • Preparation of comprehensive reports for contracting authorities
  • Projections of passenger counting data
  • Analysis of passenger counting data over several timetable periods
red bus on street, roter Bus auf Strasse
red train in motion, Roter Zug in Bewegung

Vehicle Manufacturers

Automatic passenger counting systems are becoming a standard feature in new vehicles. In addition to numerous comfort features such as air conditioning or passenger information systems, transport companies order passenger counting systems ex-factory - increasingly reaching an equipment rate of 100% of the fleet. Thus, automatic passenger counting systems are becoming an integral part of vehicles.

modern bus in mountain landscape, moderner Reisebus in Berglandschaft

DILAX not only delivers the components but also offers many years of international experience in project management. From compiling and collaborating on the functional specifications and the system design to supporting the compilation of the vehicle's documentation and implementing the acceptance test – the DILAX experts are at the vehicle manufacturers' side.

DILAX also provides ideas, concepts and solutions for the increasing integration of the systems into the existing IT infrastructure of the vehicle.

Benefit from DILAX's project management experience:

  • Experienced and professional project management
  • Compilation of functional specifications, documentation and acceptance scenarios
  • Cooperation on system design for integration into the vehicle and securing technical parameters
  • Support with installation and staff training

System Integrators

Considering the multitude of vehicle components, it is important not to lose track of them and to use recurring components from different systems. Examples are internet access (GSM, wireless LAN) in the vehicle or information such as GPS or passenger information in the vehicle. Such synergies can be utilized for DILAX passenger counting systems as well. Vehicle manufacturers or public transport companies like to put the task of integrating automatic passenger counting systems in the hands of providers of on-board computers or ITCS systems.

train station, fahrender Zug / S-Bahn
yellow bus in motion, fahrender, gelber Bus

DILAX supports system integrators with a team of experienced employees and comprehensive documentation. We are familiar with the vehicle manufacturer's requirements as well as the regulations from operators and relevant associations.

Benefit from DILAX's project management experience:

  • System integration with on-board computers and other vehicle systems
  • Utilization of existing infrastructure to reduce components
  • Standard protocol for easy integration
  • Customer-specific implementation of communication protocols
  • Modern Ethernet interfaces in all systems
  • Experienced project management to support the system integrator
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Fully integratable & flexible solutions

We provide diverse solutions for recording, transmitting and evaluating APC and trip data. Our customer-specific solutions can be completely integrated in existing structures.

Case Study - NSB, Norway

Counting on Improvements

Understanding daily operations to provide effective transport solutions & reliable services to the public


We are here for you

We support our customers from the consultation and quotation stage up to the operation of entire systems. Our team offers expert service in all areas from six international locations.

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