Strætó, public transport company in Reykjavík, Iceland

Strætó bs:
How public transport in Reykjavík became

What we did

Strætó bs has worked with DILAX since 2016. Before implementing an automatic passenger counting (APC) system, passengers were counted manually: Once a year students were hired to ride the buses for days and count every single person boarding and alighting. The collected data was then put into an analytics tool - again manually. Since this approach was expensive, time-consuming and complicated and the the data was not precise, Strætó began to look for a different solution.
Until today DILAX has equipped 47 buses, almost 50% of the fleet, with APC systems. The collected data is directly fed into the software DILAX CItisense. There, various KPIs are differentiated:

  • Line reports
  • Users per line
  • Peak hours
  • Vehicle map
  • Live data

Jóhannes Rúnarsson, Managing Director of Strætó bs

With Citisense we now have more reliable data much faster. The handling is much easier and we have more "attractive" data reports. This increases our transparency vis-à-vis the municipalities and the interest of politics in our reports.

About Straeto

In Iceland's capital Reykjavík, taking public transport means taking the bus. A bright yellow bus, called "Strætó" by the locals, a shortened nickname for "strætisvagn" ('urban bus'). Fittingly, the transport company is called Strætó bs. It was founded in 2001 and operates about 160 city buses in the capital region.

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