Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany

Knowing what attracts Attention:
Improving Space and Visitor Management through Real-Time Occupancy

Introducing Autostadt

Live Occupancy and Marketing Efficiency in the Brand World

Autostadt Wolfsburg is a brand world, amusement park, and the world's largest delivery center of the Volkswagen Group. On the 28-hectare park and lagoon landscape, visitors can explore two delivery towers and eight brand pavilions in addition to the Zeithaus automobile museum. Under the motto "People, cars and what moves them," the cross-brand communication platform makes the values of the Group and the topic of mobility tangible for visitors. This attracts around 2 million people a year from Wolfsburg and all over the world.

Area Productivity and Efficiency Monitoring

The buildings and pavilions within Autostadt Wolfsburg have a special architecture, which is itself part of the park's appeal. To obtain an up-to-date overview of the occupancy within the areas, the DILAX system solution provides accurate figures on utilization at all times. The customer-relevant exits and entrances to the Autostadt are equipped with DILAX counting sensors that record visitor flows at various points in the outdoor area, on the piazza, and in all pavilions.

A live map in the DILAX Enumeris software displays occupancy in real time to maintain maximum capacity limits. Once occupancy in an area reaches 90%, an automatic notification is sent.

Efficient Use of a fascinating Space

Daily analysis of visitor numbers and frequencies reveals trends and patterns and provides management with important insights that are used for strategic planning. In this way, activities within Autostadt are evaluated on a data-driven basis and continuously optimized.

This information is provided by the DILAX system:

  • Where do the guests linger?
  • How much time do they spend in a specific area?
  • How does occupancy differ across floors?
  • Which activities and particular areas are especially popular?
  • Which access points are used the most?

Live Occupancy

Real-Time Occupancy Detection for effective Visitor Management

DILAX counting sensors are installed at visitor-relevant entrances and exits, providing an accurate overview of the number of people in each building at any time. A traffic light system visually displays the occupancy of the buildings. The operations manager receives a real-time view of all buildings. This way, the occupancy rate is monitored and at the same time evaluations of promotions, events, and permanent exhibitions within the park are made possible.

Capture Rate

Metrics for Attention

The park’s extensive store area is divided into 62 zones and equipped with 36 counting sensors. They record the number of visitors, dwell time, and capture rate, evaluated for each zone. Depending on the length of stay, visitors are counted as interested parties; a longer stay in the checkout area indicates a completed purchase transaction.

This data forms the basis for other key figures, such as sales per person and target groups reached. The attractiveness of the shelves and the merchandise on display can also be evaluated in this way.

Marketing Efficiency

Knowing what works

By monitoring the flow of visitors to individual areas, it is possible to determine exactly how attractive certain special areas, events, or promotions are to the target group. In all brand pavilions, the capture rate is recorded in relation to the total number of visitors, so that it is possible to see at any time which areas, and therefore which brands, are more or less popular within the Autostadt. The effectiveness of certain marketing activities can be derived indirectly from this, so that communication and advertising measures can be further developed and optimized based on data.

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