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Capturing Customer Flows for In-Store Process Optimization

shoe store, Schuhgeschäft

Creating transparency over complex store processes

Detailed knowledge of all store processes, from staff planning and storage and product processes to cash management is key for the effective store management. Several performance indicators are necessary to evaluate the profitability of a store as well as to optimize the store processes:

  • Store occupancy & dwell time
  • Capture and conversion rate 
  • Waiting times

Recognizing interdependencies & creating synergies

Good staff planning and consistent service are the main focus in every store. For this it is indispensable to have detailed knowledge of the store’s occupancy rate and the customers’ dwell time.

DILAX' solution for people counting captures customer flows and thus allows for an optimal alignment of staff planning as well as storage and product processes.

Your benefits: 

Improved service for your customers at reduced staff costs. At the same time, long-term stable sales planning is supported.

man with statistic chart, Mann mit Statistik Diagramm
shopping mall, Einkaufszentrum

Perfectly organized with DILAX

  • Real-time tracking of occupancy rates in stores
  • Optimizing staff planning and preventing staff idle time
  • Controlling store processes via key performance indicators (e.g. capture and conversion rate)
  • Preventing lost sales and losses of potential buyers
  • Improving customer service
  • Increasing customer satisfaction

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