How many people use public transport on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? If fully equipped with an APC system solution, these numbers are easy to extract for your entire fleet. If your fleet is only partially equipped, DILAX Samplics will come into play.

The VDV-certified sample trip planning tool can understand any public transport network and knows exactly which vehicle must run on specific routes at specific times to collect the perfect trip sample. The figures obtained can then be fed directly into DILAX Citisense or another compatible analytics software to be projected.

The sample counts

Precise passenger numbers from Automatic Passenger Counting (APC) enable demand-oriented transport planning and can serve as the basis for revenue sharing for a transport network.

If your fleet is only partially equipped with a counting system, those vehicles having APC sensors must be strategically dispatched in such a way that a statistically sound sample can be created. Subsequently, statistical projections can be used to reliably determine the utilization rate in the entire network. Yet, planning for the sample is complex and must comply with standards such as the German VDV so that the data can be used for revenue distribution and miscounting is avoided.

DILAX Samplics calculates the sample, determines a smart disposition recommendation and thus creates a database for projection in DILAX Citisense or other compatible software applications.


  • Sample-Planning made easy: DILAX Samplics reads schedules, vehicle lists, depot information, and route data, calculates sample size, and gives a dispatch recommendation.

  • Exact data for better planning: The projection allows to draw conclusions about passenger behavior throughout the network and for demand-oriented transport planning.

  • Certified: After completion of the sample trips, the sample can be used for statistical projection. All numbers obtained in this process are certifiable and can be used for official reporting.

  • Plug & Play: DILAX Samplics has an intuitive user interface that allows your team to get started right away - without any prior training.

  • Compatible: The tool imports various data types and is compatible with our analytics software DILAX Citisense and other popular backend software.

Sample planning

in 3 steps

DILAX Samplics imports data types such as schedules, time-of-day types, vehicle lists and depot locations and automatically calculates the sample trip plan, including dispatch recommendations. The software solution matches the actual count data with the required sample size and tracks the progress of the sample trips.

Key Features

  • Easy data import of schedules, vehicle lists, depot locations and counting data

  • Individual selection of time-of-day types to be included in the sample

  • Calculates the exact number of sample trips per vehicle, line and time

  • Determines optimal vehicle deployment and possible alternatives for more flexibility in planning

  • Download of the vehicle deployment plan

  • Compares the APC data collected with the calculated vehicle dispatch recommendation

  • Promptly suggests alternative vehicle dispatch options if there is a lack of trips

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