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Automatic Passenger Counting

Capturing, transmitting and analyzing passenger counting and trip data

DILAX passenger counting systems enable transport companies to centrally capture and manage a wide range of data. In addition to passenger counting data, an on-board DILAX People Counting Unit (PCU) captures trip data and transmits it in real time.

Our automatic passenger counting systems follow a modular approach and can be used autonomously as well as being integrated into existing system structures. The master/client architecture allows for complete customization to client- and project-specific requirements.

Our highly flexible system solution does not only include the tried and tested DILAX sensor technology and the DILAX People Counting Unit (PCU) but is also completed by system cables and additional components.

People on station platform, Menschen am Bahnsteig
Businesspeople at round table, Geschäftsleute am runden Tisch

The DILAX passenger counting systems quickly provide all stakeholders with the relevant information and can thus be optimally integrated into the daily operations of the organization. Additionally, GPS and vehicle data as well as data from third party systems can be transmitted.


Reliable data transmission

Passenger counting and trip data are transmitted landside via existing on-board routers or via the DILAX PCU. There are various GSM radio technologies as well as wireless LAN available for the event-based or time-controlled transmission of data.

businessman/technician in data center business, Techniker/Geschäftsmann im Rechenzentrum

System integration

DILAX automatic passenger counting systems can be fully integrated into the existing IT infrastructure via serial interfaces or Ethernet. With the DILAX Counting Protocol (DCP), we offer an open interface for communicating with on-board vehicle systems. Thanks to the systems’ high level of flexibility and its easy integrability, our passenger counting systems can be installed in new as well as existing vehicles.

DILAX passenger counting systems at a glance

  • Maximum precision and reliability 
  • Fully modular and scalable solutions
  • International certifications
  • Easy maintenance and maximum safety (RAMS)
  • Minimum life cycle cost (LCC) thanks to low-maintenance systems
  • Easy integration in existing systems
  • Compact and subtle product design
graphic passenger counting, Infografik zu Fahrgastzählung
blue seats on the train, Blaue Sitze im Zug

Reports & data evaluation

With its software suite DavisWeb Mobile, DILAX provides transport organizations with valuable insights into the efficiency of their transport networks. Transport planning is thus simplified and the service offering can be tailored exactly to the needs of the market.


High Performance Modules

The DILAX data management software DavisWeb Mobile follows a modular approach and offers three core modules and a variety of extension modules. DavisWeb Mobile can be implemented as a software solution on an internal company server or used as a Software as a Service (SaaS).

DavisWeb Mobile – at a glance

  • Platform-independent and web-based (SaaS)
  • Management of user rights
  • User-friendly interface
  • Interfaces for data import and export from/to third party systems
  • Job-controlled processing and validation of passenger counting data
  • Presentation of performance indicators in various reports, as tables and graphs
  • Presentation of performance indicators on digital maps
  • Saving reports as templates
  • Automatic sending of reports via email
  • LIVE module: Display of vehicle position and occupancy in real time on digital maps
  • ECO module: Performance indicators link passenger numbers and consumption 
statistics chart on tablet, Statistik Chart auf Tablet
graphic: communication, media, shopping, Grafik: Kommunikation, Medien, Einkaufen

DILAX benefits

Depending on the individual requirements of transport organizations, DILAX hardware and software solutions can also be combined with third party systems.

Case Study - NSB, Norway

Counting on Improvements

Understanding daily operations to provide effective transport solutions & reliable services to the public

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Passenger Counting and Trip Analysis

DILAX provides technically perfected options for recording, transmitting and evaluating APC data.


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We support our customers from the consultation and quotation stage up to the operation of entire systems. Our team offers expert service in all areas from six international locations.

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