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Passenger Numbers, Traffic Planning, Reporting

Professional Transport Planning, Precise Passenger Numbers and Optimal Capacity Utilization

Transport companies face the challenge of planning public transport services as demand-oriented as possible with limited resources. Thus, the efficiency of the transport services on offer takes on an important role.

But how do you determine what is efficient and what meets passengers’ demands? The automatic passenger counting systems by DILAX offer a reliable solution to precisely capture and comprehensively analyze passenger numbers.

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Passenger Counting as the Basis for Planning

With the automatic passenger counting systems by DILAX, transport organizations can reliably determine the exact number of passengers. Passengers boarding and alighting throughout the entire transport network are continuously counted and analyzed.

Exact passenger numbers are essential for targeted transport planning and an alignment of the vehicle fleet with actual needs.

Passenger Counting – the Benefits

  • Automatically captured passenger numbers provide valuable information about the actual use of public transport services - in daily operations as well as statistical considerations.
  • Changes, trends and the impact of optimization measures become visible with automatically captured passenger numbers
  • Flexible analysis options for passenger numbers: per line, trip, stop, direction, type of day, timetable period, day, etc.
  • Graphical reports and analyses of passenger numbers facilitate management and planning tasks
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Passenger Counting and Trip Analysis

DILAX provides technically perfected options for recording, transmitting and evaluating APC data.

Flyer - Data Management & Predictive Analytics

DILAX Citisense

The DILAX Citisense data management & predictive analytics system is our response to public transport’s challenges, providing decision-makers with a new information base including simulations and prognoses.

Case Study - NSB, Norway

Counting on Improvements

Understanding daily operations to provide effective transport solutions & reliable services to the public


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