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Cost Efficiency

Maximum Profitability

Excess capacities in public transport cost money, but an insufficient supply has negative impacts on the appeal of public transport. The actual demand for transport capacities should be of significant importance for supply planning of public transport.

Automatic passenger counting allows the most accurate determination of demand. With DILAX, areas with excess and low capacities can be identified accurately, facilitating targeted measures to increase efficiency. 

people in motion at railway station, Menschen auf Bahnhof
people in motion at railway station, Menschen auf Bahnhof

Identifying Weak Points and Initiating Optimization Measures

Statistics on passenger numbers created with DILAX show optimization potentials in transport services by pointing out those areas where supply and use differ significantly. This can apply to certain lines, trips, times of day or timetable periods. Targeted optimization measures can be initiated based on these analyses of passenger numbers.

Continuous monitoring of passenger numbers in subsequent periods will show whether the measures have the desired effect. 

Demand-Oriented Transport Planning Creates Cost Efficiency

  • Vehicle fleet planning and vehicle type selection based on average and maximum passenger numbers
  • Analysis of passenger boarding and alighting times to investigate regular delays
  • Optimization of network maps and timetables via passenger statistics, e.g. adjusting frequencies and planning locations of stops
  • Fact-based decisions on maintaining or canceling trips and lines
statistic-chart, Statistiken/Diagramme
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Passenger Counting and Trip Analysis

DILAX provides technically perfected options for recording, transmitting and evaluating APC data.

Flyer - Data Management & Predictive Analytics

DILAX Citisense

The DILAX Citisense data management & predictive analytics system is our response to public transport’s challenges, providing decision-makers with a new information base including simulations and prognoses.


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