Thinking today for living tomorrow.

Multimodal. Integration. Automation. Digitization. AI. Hub. Neighborhood Shopping. Co-Working. Co-Living. Smart Cities. Local Data. Urban Intelligence. New times, new terms. Bus, train, tram, underground, car. Brick-and-mortar, shopping center. The known. Everything. Stays. Different.

At the Reboot future conference, we take the known to the next level by spelling with a capital R: Remix, Rethink, Reload! Share with us the ideas of passionate experts and visionaries, and learn how BETTER MOBILITY and BETTER SHOPPING can be successful, and how local data contribute to more livable habitats, because: LOCAL DATA make BETTER CITIES.

Together with the organizers, the German Council of Shopping Centers e.V., content partner Wisag and the curatorial support of dan pearlman, we think today about the living of tomorrow. Reflect with us on how we can shape cities and living spaces to achieve good and even better places where we love to live today, tomorrow and the day after.

We take part in shaping the future.

Since 1988, DILAX measure people flows wherever people are travelling. How can we meet the needs and wishes of generation X, Y and Z? How will we shop, work, live? What’s the true value of data, and how can we use them best, and: what can be improved? Data helps us to shape a future that we all desire: well connected, relaxed, emission-free, in a nutshell: livable. As a liable partner DILAX share their expertise with urban developers, public transport authorities, neighborhood-, BID- and center managers worldwide - and with you, in January!

A date with data.

Once we understand, where and when people travel, we can provide solutions for making cities better. Who’s on the move how, where and when? Ask the data! Local data give the answer to achieve relevance. And this enables us to create places, where we enjoy spending time, because we find what we are looking for – beautiful things, and people also. That’s where lively communities can rise, where people and their paths, needs and wishes are key. The LOCAL DATA panel unfolds data’s skills. David Frei, Sr. Industry Solutions Manager HERE Technologies allays the fears of data sharing and explains how data make a good city even better – responsibly, meaningfully and successfully.

Wishes become experience… cashed!

Brick-and-mortar seems to be a „problem child“ these days, but: creative and innovative concepts stir up hope and passion for BETTER SHOPPING. Carolina Hinrichsen, SVP Sales DILAX, knows best the role data play for thriving businesses, thanks to Futurability, Matthias Sander, Director Leasing Strategy & Cooperations dan pearlman Markenarchitektur GmbH, paves a forward-looking way for shopping centers, and Florian Hoffmann (bonprix Retail GmbH) shows that digital does magic on the sales floor, and even a click further. Jens Horeis, Head of Property Management Sonae Sierra Germany and Frank Rehme, Innovation Expert and Mastermind for Retail 4.0, make the panel discussion complete and dip into the future of shopping.

Pleasant walk from A to B to Z

How do people move in urban spaces? Local data are in the know. Measurements at first, they turn into knowledge by taking a closer look. Knowledge enabling us to plan sustainable mobility in the growing cities of tomorrow – on schedule and well connected, for maximum comfort, because: only, if public transport provides easy travels from A to B and Z, cities and the people who work and live there, can breathe freely. Join Thorsten Kies, CEO DILAX, during the BETTER MOBILITY panel, on his ride direction livable city, understand from Friederike Lauruschkus, Founder and Partner civity Management Consultants GmbH & Co. KG which protagonists are needed in realizing sustainable mobility and learn from futurologist Dr. Stefan Carsten in his keynote “Future Data, Future Mobilities” about futures you might not even know yet.

Let’s reboot together!

We want busses and trains on schedule, relaxed travelling, successful brick-and-mortar, vibrant streets where people meet and enjoy being. Let’s reboot together! Share with us thrilling thoughts, ideas and the passion for the livable city of tomorrow.

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