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Capture & Conversion Rate

architecture plan, Lageplan Gebäude

Location and area assessment - Decision-making made easy

Corporate management and expansion management are in charge of sustainably assessing locations and areas. Stores must meet business requirements and generate the desired revenues. The capture and conversion rates are decisive performance indicators for assessing profitability.

More planning reliability

Detailed analysis of actual visitor and revenue numbers creates a high degree of planning reliability and shows if the store’s location is actually good and the rent reasonable.

A direct comparison of existing store areas is also possible, which allows conclusions to be drawn on expected staff performance.

architecture/ground plan, Architektur/Grundriss

Monitoring marketing success

The data generated on the capture and conversion rate provides a reliable basis for monitoring the success of marketing campaigns. Of course, DILAX includes additional important factors such as the impact of the weather in these evaluations.

shopping, women on the escalator, Frauen auf der Rolltreppe beim Einkaufen
pictogram-graphic, Piktogramm-Grafik

Capture & conversion rate – KPIs for:

  • Choosing and assessing a location
  • Sales and operations planning
  • Success monitoring of marketing events
  • Planning and sales forecasts (score card)

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