Enhance your basic visitor couting data with further KPIs. With DILAX WiFi Tracking you can extend your knowledge about your customers.

DILAX Tracking

Catch me if you can

Digitalization offers great opportunities to gain detailed knowledge of your customers’ in-store behavior. DILAX Tracking captures data via the unique MAC ID of smartphones and other devices. The data is presented as zone analyses, zone interactions, zone transitions, heat maps and movement profiles which can be easily analyzed and evaluated with our DILAX Enumeris software analysis tool.

DILAX Tracking can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures, it uses existing Wi-Fi networks or cooperates with local mobile operators. All variants can also be combined with each other as desired. DILAX Enumeris localizes trackable access points, then extracts and extrapolates the data. We are already successfully evaluating data from Aruba, Cisco Merak, Bintec Elmeg and LANCOM Systems with DILAX Enumeris.

WiFi Tracking

Extend your knowledge about your customers

  • Measure the dwell time
  • Analyze the customer journey including cross-shopping behavior
  • Capture the return rate

You’re not tracking yet?

The compact DILAX Wi-Fi sensors offer a simple and cost-effective entry point into the world of valuable KPI knowledge that makes the online and offline customer journey transparent and therefore calculable and effectively plannable.

The data are processed using intelligent DILAX algorithms which are fully GDPR compliant (EU General Data Protection Regulation).

Privacy Note

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